About Us


The partnership behind Retro Respection began as an unexpected friendship in 2013.  Storm had begun to experiment selling vintage wares online from home whilst juggling family commitments (at last count, two children and a stupid number of pets).

She found herself selling a considerable amount of stock to Joleen, a self-confessed over indulger in the vintage world and a wannabe 1950’s-style stay at home mum (two children, lovely husband, less pets).  

Joleen happened to live in Collie and the pair went on to find themselves bumping heads at local markets as they reached for the same to-die-for vintage plate.  And then again, reaching for a vase.  Awkward! 

The two decided it best to join forces and Retro Respection was born.  Like all babies it grew.  Today Retro Respection is based out of a bricks and mortar store in the picturesque CBD of Collie WA, a town known for bike trails, amazing murals, good camping spots, coal mining and an above average per capita rate of mullets.

We still sell genuine vintage stock that is personally hunted down, dug up and pulled out from dusty corners by us with serious glee. Saving memories and the environment one vintage piece at a time is our favourite thing to do!

But damn, is the vintage getting hard to find nowadays.  So we have mixed in brand new items.  Other retailers talk about 'carefully curated collections'.  In reflecting on what we offer to the world the most appropriate tagline I could think of was 'it's chaos in here!'. 

Our brand new products are often reproduction or have a nostalgic/heritage slant.  Embracing the recycling ethos has led us to also stocking a large range of sustainable eco-friendly products.  Our terrible senses of humour mean you'll find a great range of very funny, very inappropriate socks, magnets, mugs and more.  We like to support Australian makers and other small businesses....but also don't let distance stand between us and a fabulous product. 

Consequently, what you find here is a caphony of cool, sourced widely and eclecticlly.  Our customers are collectors, vintage aficionado’s and those simply looking for ‘something different’ as a gift or to make their home a home.  

Providing ‘small town service’ in the online world is really important to us. 

We want you to feel as valued as our local customers who drop by the shop and are greeted by name and with a smiling ‘how are you going today?’

If you ever have a question for us, or a problem with a purchase, don’t be afraid to get in touch (admin@retrorespection.com.au).  Retro Respection is run by two humans - no robots - and we love to help!