Garden & Pets

'Gardening' is just a word adults use to get away with playing in the dirt.  We don't pretend we are doing anything else here... a lot of our collection of pots and planters are on the fun side and designed to add some whimsy to your garden.  As animal lovers we can't resist a novelty animal pot.  Expect lots of chickens and sheep!

Greening up your home by bringing the outside in with indoor plants is a trend we are totally on board for...the children claim we don't have a lounge room anymore but a plant room.  For a minimalist, classic look you can't go past the Cup of Flora range of self-watering pots for your indoor plant babies, they make growing moisture sensitive plants like ferns easy, even for neglectful plant parents.  Quality tested by the most neglectful plant mums, which is errr, us.

The classic Haws and Burgon & Ball watering cans work great and are gorgeous to look at.  You can't go past them as present for the avid gardener as you just know they'll be used and loved.

Our garden range also includes bells, chimes, the odd chicken statue or 20, and functional tools, like planting guides and seed storage tins.