Clocks & Thermometers

One of lifes horrible truths is that you can't ignore the march of time, even when it is marching towards something relatively the school run....dinner....or the start time of your fav TV show.  Every house needs a clock!

We have clocks to suit all styles - from high quality outdoor clocks and barometers with classic styling, to the vibrant and quirky pendulum clocks of Michelle Allen Designs.  To get you jumping out of bed, try one of our old fashioned bell alarms with a big brassy ring or retro beside flip clock.  

Being so useful and enduring, clocks make an ideal present to commemmorate a big birthday, new house or wedding.  Choose one that reflects the style or interests of the recipient and you're onto a surefire winner.

Our range of thermometers and barometers will allow you to keep an eye on the temperature and give a precise answer to the age old question, 'how cold or hot is it?'.