A home is essentially a large box that contains yourself and a random assortment of stuff.  Does it matter how it looks?  Probably not.  Is it fun to style it to reflect your personality and values?  YES!

We work hard at providing a wide range of quality homewares to facilitate that.  From the traditional and classic (think Falcon enamelware and scented drawer sachets) to the kitschy cute (novelty salt and peppers shakers anyone?) plus a bunch more.

There is oodles of car and so-called 'man cave' tin and cast iron signs (although we maintain ladies can and do like automobellia too).  Novelty mugs are a speciality of ours because well, coffee is life.  Our range of funny/rude/wildly inappropriate magnets is probably one of the largest in Australia.  We have lots of cute tea towels and kitchen storage tins, anything to make the kitchen less dull is a good thing!